About us

Sound of passion being agents of Cupid believes that sounds can be magical and instantly elevate your mood and enhance your personality to help you become more confident and attractive. Emotions are embedded in one’s subconscious and these emotions are related to your brainwaves making you appear as you do.

Physical attraction fades away but emotional attachments last forever. At Sound of Passion, we infuse sounds into a soundtrack while practising the Shogun method to create an auditory illusion for your brain to reconcile the beats to bring the intense effects of the Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves within your brain to train your subconscious mind.

As these specific brainwave frequencies are associated with different cognitive and emotional states, they offer and create different impacts on your personality. Specially produced for men these soundtracks address your problems and issues on “how to impress a woman”, or “how to attract women's attention”, and we assure you visible changes in you as well as in your love interest.

Why these waves?

Gamma waves with the highest frequency at 30 hertz (Hz) are associated with increasing intense concentration, while Beta waves, ranging from 12 Hz to 30 Hz control and focus on your feelings of arousal, attention, and anxiety. The Alpha waves range from 8 Hz to 12 Hz and create a more relaxed and passively attentive state, and at times make a person feel drowsy.

Theta waves at 4 Hz to 8 Hz, offers deep relaxation and an inward focus and peaks during medication, meanwhile, the Delta waves are the slowest, firing just 0.5 to 4 times per second and active while one sleeps.

These waves overall entrain and make our brain function shaping and concluding our personality, mood, appearance, behaviour, nature and aura.

Why Us?

We understand why it’s just not enough to simply attract or seduce women in a relationship… you need to get her emotionally attached and addicted to you!

We’re devoted to helping you achieve the happiness that you have always wanted. We know how men are at a disadvantage and often end up giving up rather than showing all their love and approaching the women of their dreams.

Sound of Passion brings to you a sound therapy to lure out the little devil inside you manifesting the art of charm, charisma, attraction, seduction and emotions. Simply plug in your earphones and boost your energy and claim control over yourself and everything happening around you.

Well, it could be you, who’s refraining… she might like shiny things, but would marry you with paper rings if you show her who you’re!