How We Are Different

Los Angeles
emotional addiction, not seduction

"Seduction" is fool's game.if you want a women to stick with you forever, you must make her emotionally addicted to you.

Los Angeles
no "pickup" trics

Picku Artist or "PUA" trics are juvenile, overused and just plain useless, it's time to get serious and learn what truly work.

Los Angeles
long-term, not short-term

Our method builds healthy, long-term relationship. Those looking for flimsy one-night stand "trics" should eleswhere.

Los Angeles
rooted is science

Shogun Method is based on sicentifically proven female psychology fundamentala as well as decades-old hypnosis principles.

Los Angeles
100% field test

If these techniques have work for more than 12,000 men around the world, do you think thay will work for you.

Los Angeles
A close community

You'll joining the bortherhood of shogun of Method practitioners sworn to protact the sancity of the provius knowledge.

About Us

Sound of passion being agents of Cupid believes that sounds can be magical and instantly elevate your mood and enhance your personality to help you become more confident and attractive. Emotions are embedded in one’s subconscious and these emotions are related to your brainwaves making you appear as you do.


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